Who owns and operates Michelbook Country Club?

Michelbook is owned by the shareholders and certificate holders of Michelbook Estates, Inc. (d.b.a. Michelbook Country Club). The Club has a Board of Directors which acts as the policy-making arm. All responsibility of operating the Club is assigned to the General Manager and the staff.

How many Members will the Club have?

The maximum number of golfing memberships in the Club is 400. Our current number of golfing Members is 305.

Will there be assessments for improvements to the golf course or clubhouse?

The Club bylaws allow for special assessments; each member’s dues include a capital assessment earmarked especially for capital needs (the clubhouse, golf course, etc). However, in the history of Michelbook, dating back to 1964, the Club has been able to make all major  improvements without any assessments. Improvements such as a renovated clubhouse, new irrigation system and bunker renovation for the golf course were done without assessing the membership. 
There is one current assessment to all Members. The funds generated by this assessment are directed to paying the Club’s property and other taxes. This is an annual assessment that is billed in three separate monthly billings. The amount of the assessment is tiered based on the category of membership as follows:
Full Golf: $192/year or $64/billing / Limited Golf: $93/year or $31/billing / Social: $51/year or $17/billing

Do I have a voice in how the Club is operated?

Members have a voice in the Club with the understanding that changes are only made when they benefit Michelbook as a whole. This voice can be expressed through response to Member surveys/comment cards and Members involvement in various committees set up by the Club. Further, the Board of Directors responds to an Advisory Committee (comprised of at least one person from each standing committee).

Who will be entitled to use the Club facilities?

Family golfing memberships allow the primary Member and their spouses full use of the Club; dependent family Members under the age of 26 years, unmarried, and residing at home may also use the Club. Dependent children that are unmarried and are either in school or in the military up to age of 26 also qualify with the residency requirements. Social Members have full use of the clubhouse and may play golf twelve times a year (18 holes of golf per month).

Does the Club host outside events?

The Club hosts some outside events to promote the Club, contribute to the community and its charities, and increase exposure to prospective Members. However, we typically to have tee times available for regular Member play seven days a week year round.

What is the dress code for Michelbook Country Club?

Michelbook Country Club requires that all Members and guests wear appropriate golf attire including collard shirts and spike-less golf shoes. The dress code has been established to maintain an atmosphere that is consistent with country clubs and golf courses. Shirts must be worn at all times on the golf course, driving range and clubhouse. For all golfers and clubhouse guests, shorts must be tailored and in keeping with customary standards for private clubs. Blue jeans are permitted as long as in good repair and no undergarments are to be visible. Golf slacks or tailored shorts are preferred. The following is a list of items that are not allowed at all times: All bare midriff garments, tank tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, t-shirts, cut-offs of any kind, sweatshirts (except when worn in combination with a collared golf shirt), sweatpants, sweat suits or jogging suits and athletic shorts.

Can I play the course before I join?

Individuals considering membership who have not played the course may play a round of golf by paying the current guest green fees, which will be refunded upon joining Michelbook.

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